R&D program
to #dev riders

Are you a devoted rider? Vantage offers an unique opportunity to become part in an exclusive development team. Be the first to fly the next generation of data driven kites.

For development riders VANTAGE has a no profit objective. Our goal is to innovate boundary breaking kites together with you. 

Once you are part of the #development team, we will guide you through an exciting performance validation program. The insights our R&D team gains from your experiences and feedback is of great value and contributes in performance validation and defining future kite designs.

Equipment for development riders.

• You will fly our latest kite designs that are developed based up on our data driven development method.
• The kites have gone through an intensive performance validation program with our riders and R&D team to guarantee you will be impressed with the performance.
• The kites you receive are provided with multiple bridle-tuning settings that allow you to optimize the flight characteristics to your riding style.
• The kites are manufacturered on a premium quality level, using the industries premium materials.

When does it start?

We will unveil the #development kite line up in Q2 2019.

Why join?

• You are part of worlds 1st community driven kitedevelopment platform.
• You will be riding the latest innovations first.
• You are part of a privileged development team.
• You influence future developments.
• You gain exclusive insights on our data analysis.
• You will be highlighted as #dev teamrider.
• By joining the program you invest in true innovation in your sport.
• You benefit from a non-profit objective.
• By joining you will receive products far below the commercial retail price.


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- Email us via next-gen@vantagekites.com