June 5th 2019 – The Netherlands



VANTAGE is excited to announce that kite designer Alain Bernard teams up with the Vantage design team.

Alain Bernard started his career as a windsurf sail maker in the South of France and released his products under the brand TAO Sails back in 1980. Alain developed over 1000 windsurf sail models and created countless prototypes for world cup participants.

In 2000 Bruno Legaignoux contacted Alain to become his design assistant at WIPIKA. Alain co-developed the Wipika Free Air, the first commercially available 4-line LEI kite with depower capability, a kite model which allowed the sport to grow due to it's improved user-friendliness. Since then Alain developed over 700 prototype kites for over 10 brands in the last 15 years.

Alain Bernard says:
"I have been designing kites for over 15 years now and still today’s kite development method is subject to a designers best guess. You hope the prototype performs as intended but it remains subject to human interpretation when validating the prototype performance.

The data driven development method VANTAGE deploys provides in true performance understanding, the analysis allow me to optimize the design even before a prototype is produced; something I never could before. The data provides me knowledge that my conventional design tools are not able to provide. 

Having worked with VANTAGE and having witnessed the results over the last year, I am absolutely convinced that this new data driven design approach provides in new insights that will outsmart the conventional kite design methods and will generate the future design principles representing a huge gain in kite performance."

Robin van de Putte, says:
“I am excited to have Alain part of our design team. Alain provides over 15 years of design knowledge and has a proven track record and design skill set. We have been working together for a year now and the results are very exciting. Our team is expanding, and I am very proud to have it expand on such a high level.

Development program
Vantage will soon announce an exclusive R&D Béta program aimed at devoted riders. A limited number of positions will be available. If you are interested to be the first to fly the next generation of data driven and community proven kites. Sign up here.

VANTAGE® is an end-to-end kite development studio which utilizes computational fluid dynamic analysis and deep learning algorithms, enabling data driven innovation, performance substantiation and validation of our next-gen product line-up. VANTAGE is committed to eliminate todays kite development limitations, allowing for next-gen kite performance, allowing you to push your boundaries on the water.

Advantage through science.
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