November 11th 2019 – The Netherlands

Buckle up and lift off! Vantage development program started

VANTAGE today announced successful completion of an important milestone in their development roadmap. Since Vantage announced it's development program early 2019, over 2000 potential participants have applied to join the program. The carefully chosen final selection of 75 riders from 16 different countries represent various riding disciplines and skill levels.

The program goal: Improve kite performance utilizing a data-driven design and development method of which the performance is validated and proven by worlds first kite development community.

The first Vulture kites airborne!

In October Vantage began distributing their new Vulture kite to the development riders, over 200 flight hours have been logged since the first kite deliveries and the first feedback data has been analysed. Initial results are already providing valuable data as first correlations between flight characteristics and design variables are being identified. The data provided by the rider community is highly valuable, as for the first time statistics are being developed which are extremely helpfull for future developments.

Robin van de Putte, founder of Vantage says:

"I noticed kite product innovation was stalling while product marketing took flight. In my personal view, recent brand and 2020 product introductions again proof that the traditional design and development methods have become exhausted and the industry is proving to have a hard time to show us some truly new and substantiated innovation".

"What can we do different in a market where substantiated product performance and differentiation is lacking? Should the kiteboarding industry become a storytelling and marketing machine? How do we evolve from a traditional design workflow; how do we increase kite performance and how do we push innovation back to the forefront of the kiteboarding industry?".

"At Vantage we are driven to answer all of these questions and this is the core of what Vantage is all about. I am super excited to have unleashed our first kite and to have made a start in activating a rider community sharing our vision. This is an important milestone and I am very grateful to have received such a great response, trust and commitment from all the riders who applied & participated."


Flight control & Community APP
Vantage also launched the Flight Control & Community App. It enables users to configure their kite settings for specific riding disciplines, share their kite session and share specific feedback data for each kite setting. Newer kite settings will be created throughout the experience of users and as future gear updates become available, riders will be automatically notified and can update their quiver given the modular structure that has been incorporated in the Vantage products allowing products to evolve throughout future updates.

You can download the APP on the Appstore and Playstore

2020 Development program
Interested to become part of the development team? In 2020 a limited number of positions will become available. If you are interested to fly the next generation of data driven and community proven kites. Sign up here.


VANTAGE® is an end-to-end kite development studio which utilizes computational fluid dynamic analysis and deep learning algorithms, enabling data driven innovation, performance substantiation and validation of our next-gen product line-up. VANTAGE is committed to eliminate todays kite development limitations, allowing for next-gen kite performance, allowing you to push your boundaries on the water.